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Exercise (your) Reasonable (floor) Care

Subscription Testing and Documentation

Safe Walk Pros provides a scientifically based testing service (Survey) that documents the ongoing physical condition of your facility (due diligence business record) to determine compliance with industry standards related to the available traction (DCoF) of your floors.



Accuracy – Scientifically proven and ANSI approved equipment and procedures are used to capture data and generate reports that are audited by a third party to ensure accuracy and create a business record.

Detection – Site surveys are conducted by certified personnel, at a significant number and variety of locations within a facility, to capture and document existing and/or actionable data.

Documentation – Data collected (DCoF/Photometric/photographic) is assembled into comprehensive reports and stored in a secure user accessible format and location.

Analysis – Any anomalies in test results drive further investigation resulting in solutions that typically involve maintenance protocol, products, or spot cleaning adjustments.

Prevention – Your Safe Walk Pro will work with you and your cleaning contractor, if needed, to mitigate the most common causes for normally compliant floor surfaces testing out of ANSI A326.3 compliance.

Solutions – If a flooring product cannot meet industry standards with cleaning or maintenance adjustments, we can recommend several solutions to ensure ANSI A326.3 compliance.

Experience – Born from 20 years of injury prevention and expert witness/litigation support at SafeCon Consulting Group.

Subscription Services



Surveys are conducted in a significant number and variety of locations throughout the facility to gather actionable data.

Your regional Safe Walk Pro will develop a protocol for testing locations during your survey, then repeat those tests quarterly to document performance over time, which will assist in demonstrating your due diligence. These areas will include differing floor types, different exposure locations such as track-in areas, frequent spill areas, high traffic areas, and locations where equipment or processes may influence traction.

Your Safe Walk Pro uses state of the art, scientifically developed equipment that accurately measures just how much traction your floor has when wet. We will also capture additional data points that may be useful in documenting the safe environment you have created for your customers.

These same areas will then be tested every quarter to establish consistent compliance with maintenance and cleaning programs that you already have in place. This repetitive demonstration of compliance is the foundation for establishing reasonable care.


Not one of our clients wants to have anyone in their facility slip and fall - Period.

To that end your Safe Walk Pro will work with you to address any issues, with any substandard DCoF measurements that we may find. Taking action by identifying and mitigating any of these situations will help prevent accidents, accidents that can result in injuries, and that may result in litigation. The best way to prevent accidents and litigation is to prevent a fall in the first place. We have advice, and we can recommend products and solutions that will address any issues that we may spot.

We utilize the data points we capture to identify the most common causes of normally compliant floor surfaces becoming out of compliance. Since the causes are usually isolated cleaning or maintenance issues, they can be easily remedied with corrective cleaning and maintenance changes. If the underlying substrate or flooring is at issue, then there are several options available to address those issues depending on the remaining lifecycle of the substrate or flooring.

Your Safe Walk Pro will work with you to accomplish remedial measures if needed, not just identify a problem and walk away. We are also sensitive to the cost/value proposition associated with these activities. There are a number of potential solutions. Choosing one depends on the underlying cause, expected remaining life of the flooring, potential business disruptions, and cost. While Safe Walk Pros does not directly perform any remedial measures, we can recommend several options and vendors to facilitate solutions if needed. By not directly benefiting from any remedial activities (other than to see our clients succeed), we can offer advice focused solely on a value added solution that benefits both you and your customers.


Traction (or DCoF) data, is captured and assembled into comprehensive facility reports, which are prepared by an independent third party that our machines communicate with directly.

This eliminates any on site operator recordation or interpterion issues commonly found with other testing methodology. We then share these reports with you, and store them in a format and location easily accessed anytime they are needed. This allows for access by individual facilities if the need arises to proactively mitigate any deficient reports, or for wear comparisons or quality auditing of ongoing floor maintenance activities.

Visual documentation, including ambient light readings and 360-degree photo documentation of each test location are also included along with DCoF measurements in your report.

Since these reports are compiled in the normal course and scope of providing a reasonably safe facility, they create a “business document” which is generally easily admissible in legal proceedings.


Reports are generated based on a scientifically derived mathematical formula known as the Coefficient of Friction that is used by the BOT3000 (our equipment).

This value is simply the amount of force it takes to slide an known weight across a surface. This force is measured by our equipment, recorded internally, available locally, and transmitted to a third party auditor. The data contains a floor view image taken from the front of the equipment during testing that further validates the testing parameters. Included in the data transmitted to the third party auditor is a digital fingerprint and diagnostic data that is analyzed to ensure both accuracy and validity.

The BOT3000, along with the methodology used in capturing DCoF data is ANSI accredited (A326.3), has traceability, is factory calibrated, and maintains a field verification procedure which is conducted prior to use at each facility. The BOT3000 data has been tested for reproducibility and has been tightly correlated to the German “Gold Standard” studies by Sebald and Boning. The data that is captured is not recorded, interpreted, or analyzed by the operator therefore eliminating variability and human error. This entire process ensures that the autonomy designed into the equipment is maintained and that the data that is recorded is accurate and dependable.


Any anomalies in test results drive further investigation and recommendations for solutions that typically involve maintenance or spot cleaning adjustments.

Even the best flooring/substrate using the best cleaning and maintenance programs may occasionally test below industry standards. Does this mean that the floor needs to be replaced? Unless the flooring material or substrate is damaged or completely worn out, that is usually not the case. This is especially true when we are typically testing dozens of other locations at the same facility that are fine, and have been for some extended period of time.

Any anomalies we do find are retested to try to define the boundaries of the affected area, then deep cleaned and retested again, to help determine a cause. Usually it becomes evident that a spot clean was not fully rinsed or there was some other cleaning or maintenance hiccup. The broad dissemination of locations tested across the facility helps us to narrow the origin of possible issues and recommend cost effective and safe solutions.

If you have a non-compliant (section of) floor, your Safe Walk Pro can help you to determine possible causes and help you remedy the situation BEFORE a slip and fall occurs.


If a flooring product doesn’t meet industry standards with cleaning or maintenance adjustments, what are you supposed to do? Your Safe Walk Pro can recommend several solutions, depending on the issues at hand, to ensure a compliant floor surface.

So we clean and retest and the flooring still doesn’t meet industry standards, now what? You don’t need to budget for a flooring replacement just yet. There are other solutions, both permanent and semi-permanent that will improve traction, depending on your flooring type and exposure.

We work with industry experts that provide several different types of solutions, and we will work with you to find the one that provides compliance, safety and value, for your particular situation.


Even with the best prevention and documentation programs in place, litigation may still occur.

If that happens and you are enrolled in our program, you will have the business records established by our ongoing surveys to help support the fact that your premises met industry standards for slip resistance and the standard for reasonable care.

This program was born from more than 20 years of experience doing Expert Witness/Litigation Support and almost 40 years’ experience in preventative safety management. This program works because it was born from experience.